The casket is holding my emotions,
Lying close you can hear my heart,
The beating is slowly fading away,
I’m scratching at the top,
Trying to get out,
I’m trapped here with you,

I want to bleed away this feeling,
I’m cutting deep but there’s no blood,
I don’t know if this is a sign,
I really need to be with you,

I feel repressed by you aura, C1
I need to stay away from you,
All I feel is pain,
I’m rejecting myself… for you,

I felt I tried so hard, C2
But I just failed to reach you,
Where do I go from here,
I’m waiting for the answer to my prayer,


I never wanted to feel alone,
My natural state is cold,
This Holy Spirit has awakened me,
But without you,
I don’t feel free,

(Gang Vocals)

Behold the key to our salvation,
The key to all my dreams,
We’ll put it in the lock and turn it,
And one day I’ll be free,

(Spoken sort of)

I’ll never forget the beauty in your eyes,
Or the wonder of your smiles,
It was that instant that I felt alive,
But in that same instant I began to die,

(Repeat C1 and C2)
Quote by Mad Mike 829
Girl: Thats not that difficult
Teacher: Of course not, I wouldnt star you on something hard
Girl: I wanna see something hard
Me & Freind: Thats what she said!

ended up getting kicked out for disrupting class