alright i got a fender sss and questions

what is the difference in sound between a singal coil and a humbucker on the bridge

"thicker" bass???

how does a singal sound in comparison when you have the tone knob in position 2 splitting the bridge and middle pickups?

I stickytacked a peice of copper next to my pickup but it makes it only a bit louder/more cracking
good bad or ugly for the guitar?

Humbuckers can be for the more crunchy rock sound...I'm not exactly an expert, but I'm sure the difference is:

Humbucker = More Dirtier/ Crunchier sound

Single Coil = More Smooth / Clean sound

I could be wrong....probably...
so would an overdrive or distortion pedal allow me this?

how does the balance work between the two coils when you have it in position 2?