im going to buy either the squier tele custom or tele custom 2. i just want to know what the big difference is between the humbuckers and the p90s. I cant find any real information on the guitar description so if anybody could help me decide on these guitars let me know. thanks
I think the P-90 Tele would be better, depending on what genre you play. Unless you need high gain, like hard rock or metal-style gain, then p-90s might not do it. But, if you play clean stuff, P-90s give you a single-coil-esque clean tone.
the pickups on both are 'duncan designed', which isnt as good as it sounds imo, since they're still made in a sweatshop somewhere. basically they're a bit naff. i have the p90 version, which is (i'd imagine) brighter but less powerful than the humbucker one. but hum is an issue with the p90's.
yeah, thanks guys. i think im gonna go with the humbucker one. i already have a fender strat so i am 100% set on a clean guitar.i play mostly blues but my bandmates want to play some more modern rock. so i think the humbuckers are a little better for me since they can handle a little distortion.
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