The life of an individual can be seen as an uphill battle against the law of existence, which is indeed that all is suffering. Whilst an obvious and depressing connection could be seen with a name like Dying Flame, nothing is farther from the truth. Hedonists they be far from, but the philosophy of the band is that the only real truth is that there is an end to life, so why focus on the suffering in it?
That's why the band is just content to focus on doing what they love to do, make some ****ing killer metal music they way they like it. Heavy, brutal, fast, slow, anything goes as long as it's great. And it is great. Currently the band is plotting the release of their first studio mcd, scheduled for a september 2008 release.

We recently recorded 3 songs at a professional studio, put the first track online just this night at http://www.myspace.com/dyingflameband

Hope you guys like it