Well, my band is planning on making an album, we have got, a guitar/bass-to-pc bridge, and a mic.

We need a means to record drumming now. What are some suggestions? Give me a few options if possible.

Preferably something under $100, we could probably go to about $150 or so at the very max.

This album is mostly just kinda for fun, we might sell it at school and stuff, but we don't really plan on making a profit, so give me multiple options, for different amounts of quality. Low quality, medium, high.

I know you need a mic, I just don't know how many, and what quality I need.

We want it to sound good, but it doesn't have to be 'professional'. Any suggestions?
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if you have a mic, id buy a interface like the m-audio one.

Set the mic up infront of your drum set and go.

Its not going to sound great but it will work. :\
heyheyhey Your not going to record trums for 100$. At you price range your better of with EZ Drummer.
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Behringer C2 sets, above the drum kit, and an Art Dual Pre. That's about $150 total. That's probably the most you can do, and be passable. I'd still go with drum plugins instead for any worthwhile sound.
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Just hang the mic over the drum set and slightly forward of the kick drum. Aim it downwards a little bit so you can get a lot of snare.

Recording drums with one mic doesn't sound very good, but it works.
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Yep, for that budget, you'd be better off using software , IMO.
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