Ok, i didnt know exactly where to post this thread, so lets just go for it.

You see, ive got this problem where i will write a totally awesome riff, then, to finish it as a song and get it down on a my micro br recorder, ruin it with a whole pile of crapy riffs that i came up with in like 5 mins.

Obviously, the solution is just to spend more time and write more good riffs, but when i try this, and spend hours writing decent riffs, i find that i cant get them to fit together in a way that spunds good as a song. Is it just that i suck at songwriting, or is there anything i can do to stop this problem? Please help!!!

Oh yeah, and i check to see if theyre all in the rite key and timing.
Try questions and answers phrasing.

You probably heard of flying in the blue dream ...by the satch

The main melody...it's just questions and answer phrasing
a couple of times.

The first phase starts with a certain way...
then he bascailly just answered it with almost the same phrase
but altered a couple of notes at the end of the phrase.

and accent certain notes just slighty different
when he answered.

here..i wrote this base off the 12 bars movement using the Blues scale
as a riff. Then I practice phrasing over it...I bascailly went octive up at first.
you get better the more you practice doing it. i kept it simple...becuase
I can pick and just messing with me cry babi

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