i'm getting too much background noise. it isn't from my guitar. the electrics in the room are pretty sucky, but its beyond hum, its a grittier hiss, definitely louder than it ought to be, and it gets louder as the amp volume is increased. it definitely isn't a high gain problem, as i don't play high gain; in fact, i'm using the master volume bypass (single channel amp). i presume that the problem is that it has crappy chinese valves. what should i swap first to improve it? pre-amp valves? should i swap them all or just V1? i'm under the impression that swapping V1 tends to help reduce noise most of all; is it worth just trying changing that, or should i go the whole hog now? obviously, i'd sooner not spend money than spend it, but equally i'm gigging the thing next monday and i'd like the background noise to be significantly reduced by then. tonally, i'd like to smooth it out a little, but its not desperate, so i could bear to wait til the future to do a full swap, particularly if i'm going to hear the majority of improvement from just swapping out V1.

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Probably is the tubes, and you're better off changing the whole thing if the tubes are old. (or crappy)