Hey, I put this song up a couple of days ago.. It was pretty much a single take for both the rhythm and the lead parts.. Tell me what you think.. It is drum-less, but I played it with a metronome.. It's on my profile.. Check it out!
Its good, i really like the chord progression and you solo well over it. It sounds a lot more like a jam tape then a song, if you add some more structure to it, it would be really good. sounds good though, its something to build on.

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That was really cool. I liked the progression around 1:36 if I remember right.. I'm kinda a no vocals kinda guy, so I can't really crit them.. Sounded good though. Around a minute or so, there was some kinda iffy 'lead' notes in the background played through some distortion (not the rhythm distorted, but the single notes). I like it a lot, especially the acoustic, but I can do without the distorted single notes behind it

About mine, it kinda was a 'jam tape' as you said.. I guess the lead could've been more structured

Thanks man!