Is there anything that the Micro POG can do that the EHX Micro Synth can't and vice versa? Im trying to go for a Wolfmother/White Stripes-y tone, and i notice that Andrew stockdale uses a EHX micro synth. I already have a Micro POG, but im thinking of getting a mirco synth too.

Any thoughts?
Microsynth probably has the same amount of octave harmonies as the Micro Pog (Bot no the POG), but might not track as well. What it does have is filters, so octave+filter+whole other sound from micro POG.

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the hog is legions better than the pog in my experience... but the micro pog has like three controls no? the microsynth has much more sound tailoring devices
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the microsynth has filtering and whatnot to produce square waves, plus i think it has more harmony options. really they are made to do two different things.
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