this may be in the wrong section but ... about a week ago i bought a fairly expensive Gretsch guitar and it had some fret buzz. i took it into the shop and the person said that they would need to adjust the truss rod because the weather we have been having may have warped the neck ... she made it sound like a pretty routine procedure.. so i left it for them to adjust and i guess my question is did i buy a bad guitar or is does this happen to alot of people? and will them adjusting my truss rod hurt my guitar at all? the guitar is a Gretsch Electromatic Projet and it cost aroun $500
not a bad deal but the place that sold it to u should have adjusted the truss rod...i doubt the neck is warped :\
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it happens every once in a while
its good your doing it as soon as you saw that it was giving you buzz
when you get it back,it should be amazing
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yeah thats no biggie, some guitars will change from season to season and require their truss rod to be adjusted, my dads acoustic guitar is like, and it sounds great
Basic question. It wont hurt the guitar, itll definately help it. Its very routine, dont worry.
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if you dont know what adjusting a truss rod does, you shouldnt be buying expensive-ish guitars

Haha your cool and thanks for your input but i dont know what it does because i have never had to have a truss rod adjusted in my other guitars .. but im glad to see you wasted your time to post that comment that helped absolutely nobody
sometimes in warm or cold weather, the wood expands a little or contracts.

sometimes when you change strings the neck relaxes a little.
sometimes when you put on heavier gauge strings, the neck bends more.

this is all normal.

so if your neck relaxed and you had a little fret buzz on the first few strings, that wont go away with an action adjustment, then a simple turn of the rod, in the correct direction will add needed relief.

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