I want to install a killswitch on a Strat but I dont really know if it is at all possible. I've heard you need to have to volume controls, I would appreciate any info on the matter.
I have a killswitch in mine... you attach 2 wires to the input jack and the other end to the killswitch. Swap it out with a tone knob or make a new hole.
This should be in GB&C, but anyway, I believe it's possible to do, but you'll have to google, searchbar, or wait for someone who knows what they're doing to reply
installing a killswitch:

1. get a momentary or regular SPST switch, your preference.
2. soldering iron and solder, practice for an hour.
3. take the hot and ground wires coming from your hot and ground lugs, solder them respectively to the switch
4. send signal to the output jack, soldering on the respective sides of the jack.
5. plug in guitar.
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