hey all,

this summer im thinking about getting some humbucker sized P90 pickups for my SG, but i play heavier rock, getting into shred, metal, classic rock, blues, and praise.

Just wondering if i could replace the neck pickup and still get a nice bit outta the pickup or if i needed the bridge pickup also for that.
P-90 at the neck and a standard bucker at the bridge is a good, versatile setup for an SG. Flip up for raunchy blues, down for shred.
P90s do good job of metal at least they do good at something like sabbath. I have a set of phat cats in 1 of my LPs. Really like em.
Yes! actually i was looking at the phat cats.

Can you reccomend me a humbucker for the bridge b.c if im upgrading my neck pup i might as well do both at once.

Its the stock 490s in my SG
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Seymour duncan has a new pickup that can be a rail style strat pickup, a P90, or a humbucker. The P90 tone is as good as any humbucker sized P90's I've ever seen and the humbucker and strat tones aren't bad either. Just a thought.
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