Well i havent seen either of them but the first one looks like is going to teach you some skills and how they are applied to those songs but im not sure how good it might be. The second one on the other hand MUST be good, is by Troy Stetina he has released some books that are excellent, I have one myself and i've seen others; they're great so I recommend any of his material he's a good teacher, but again haven't tried it but I'm sure is good, give it a try.
Also, the second one teaches more valuable things than the other because with the first one you might be able to learn those songs and how some shred techiques can be applied on them but the other one will teach you how to understand the guitar and how to use your musical knowledge to your full potential with no boundaries, and in the long run it will serve you better to know how to write songs, improvise etc. Maybe you could get that dvd which is it seems is more about knowledge of the guitar, and also get one that is more about technique if that's what you where looking for so that you advance in both evenly.