Okay, I got the amazing Line 6 Spider Valve 112 combo amp a day or two ago, and I'm loving it... except for a little problem with the head unit. I can play through the amp with the effects on or clean for about five minutes, and then the digital displays and LEDs go off! The entire amp "resets" right in the middle of a song! It simply blinks off for about two seconds, then comes back on. It does this intermitently anywhere from every minute or so; to being on for two seconds, off for two seconds, on off on off. Its driving me nuts! Help! Similar problems out there? Any amp insight?
are you leaving it to warm up?

that might be why

leave it for about 30 sec for the valves to get going

THEN you take it out of standby
I let it warm up for about two minutes. It seems like the digital board isnt getting enough power or is shorting out at random intervals. It's brand spaniking new and plugged directly into the wall though.
the standby shouldnt really have much effect on the digital stuff, i wouldnt think anyway. id say maybe exchange it for a new one. it shouldnt do that, so it may be faulty.
Alot of spider amps have strange electric gremlins. Its all tube as line6 says but it still has the SS modelling computer that has all the problems. Time to take it back.