ok i dont want any assholes saying screamo is gay, its just that i cant sing so i want to learn how to scream like Matt Heafy or Alexi Laiho so......... how the **** do I go about it?
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This is in the wrong place, there's a specific place for singing tips so look it up in the search bar, mate.

Edit: So we're on Star Wars now, metaldud?

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you just gotta practice. i practiced, but then i got sick and couldnt talk loud anymore
theres i vocal thread
in the musician takls forum
i think they cover screaming there
Better question. Why would you want to? It only ends up messing up your vocal chords and sounds queer.

No offense, just my opinion.

Why don't you take time and learn how to sing, instead of mimicing something that's already been done, and failed miserably?
ill tell you how you can easily scream. just scroll down a bit...


remember that when you play.
i mean what technique do i use to achieve the effect i cant just go and do it i need to know how
my friend has a youtube account dedicated to this kinda stuff
you can probably type in HowToScream (all one word) and find his account. I dont know if he can teach you the way that you want, but just take a look and see
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ill tell you how you can easily scream. just scroll down a bit...


remember that when you play.

Omg I cried :'( :'( :'(!!
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Start with heavy inhalation, then close your throat very slightly, as if you are trying to stop breathing (if the makes sense?). Thats how i learnt it anyway lol.
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You can't explain the exact way to do it, you have to discover it for yourself. Use your diaphragm.

note to severed-metal: if you're doing it right, you shouldnt **** up your voice at all.
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i am gonna be an asshole and say that screamo is gay

at least you admitted it
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Omg I cried :'( :'( :'(!!

kids these days are desentised to the scariest stuff. im glad i got through to you cause we just haven't been meeting our scare quota lately.