So, I just got back from a 2 week vacation in Florida, with no guitar. And I got back, and now I'm horrible. I was pretty good (at least I think so), but now I can't play barely any of the songs I knew. So, to the point, did this happen to anyone else after a long while not playing guitar, or are my fingers just being dumb?
i have a one week ttip comming up and it will be hard without a guitar, but anyways yes, you won't be as good after 2 weeks. you'll have to loosen your hands up and play for awhile until you get to where you were.
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Take your time, do some stretches (See Rock Discipline by Petrucci for suggestions) and warm-up thoroughly. Your speed will return eventually, but not by forcing it.
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i got grounded for 5 weeks one time (don't ask), and it took me about 4-5 days to get back to normal, but you'll get it, it'll just click in a few days at the most. just don't worry about it.

I lost about a quarter of my speed while working pretty much everyday for 2 months straight to save up for my marshall stack, it doesn't take long to bring it back up
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