I'm playing a silvertone apocalypse and am unsure of what type of humbuckers to get.
Theres so many brands of stuff tha looks the same and then there are those ones with instead of dots to receive the sound just a line down the pickup?

so can someone tell me some good pickups(humbucker) to look at for replacing my guitars standard?
totally depends on the type of music you're into...
ive seen a number of those w/ emgs
or evos

but seriously, tell us what kind of music are you into?
what do you play, and how much are you willing to spend?
a seymour ducan hot rodded set would be good with what you've given us, very versatile set
SH-2 Jazz and SH-4 JB might work for you
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im playing metal of course but ty for advice you have given me
im playing in C tuning, and well iv got like around 200
^^normally i would suggest EMGs, but since there complicated to install and it seems like this is ur 1st time doin this, the JB/Jazz set is probably a good choice- they even managed to make my $150 epiphone sound good. until they took a baseball bat to the face. F***in baseball team.

Edit: also, definatly consider a new guitar, its probably time...
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i would recommend to buy a new guitar. save up for a new one. you'll be more pleased with that. new guitar or probably a new amp.
I can personally vouche for EMGs sounding nearly of not exactly the same in everything you put em in.
I played a hello kitty strat with an 85 in it and it sounded the same as the gibby Zakk Wylde
its even become an ongoing joke on different luthiers forums!
so they get my vote