Hey ya'll, I've got some quesitons

Ok, so i played a gig a couple weeks ago with my Epiphone Les Paul Standard, and I like the sound of it, but there are 2 main probelems I have with it

1. I think cuz of it's scale length, the strings don't bend easily

2. The thing is heavy as f**k, the morning after the aforementioned gig, my back was very sore

Now, because of these probelems, I have been playing my MIM strat all the time, but I want a guitar with humbuckers that can give me a good feel, like a strat does for me, I've eben looking at some PRS's on the web cause I heard their like strats as far as feel is concerned, but LPs with the sound, has anyone had one? Do you think they'll solve my probelems? Will I have to get a new case? (it's an SKB LP-style guitar one) Which PRS's do you reccomend for under $1000?

Thanks a bunch
ESP LTD Eclipse is the same shape and scale length, but it is really light (why I may be getting it over an Epi). There are a few things that could be causing the bending to be hard:

*EDIT: Sorry I read your post wrong, I thought you were asking for something that was the LP shape only lighter, my bad.

1. The strings are heavier than you're use to
2. Is your stop bar down to the body? Because if the stop bar is really low it tends to make the strings weird, but if you string it with the strings over and around the bar that aleiviates the problem without having to raise the bar.
try out an Eastwood Ultra-GP
LP-like, but at the same time it's not
easier to hear and see than to explain
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um... I can't get passed that a Les Paul hurts your back
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Quote by Sam_Prillaman
um... I can't get passed that a Les Paul hurts your back

If the show was long then yeah, it would hurt the next day. Try playing for an hour or two standing up, running around, with ten pounds suspended from your shoulders. Especially if you're not used to it, it's gonna hurt the next day. If you're a bigger guy or use to it you won't feel anything.