Please check out a few recordings me and my band put up we are know by the name of "Bliss"
No drums or vocals, sorry for the inconvenience, we only have recording equipment for guitar and bass, but check it out nevertheless.


Please leave a comment and i will comment back
please comment on as many songs as you can.
and if you could, please rank the songs from favorite to lease favorite, just so we can get an idea of what you think of the songs.

please list the songs in order of favorites.
Hey thanks for the crit. Good stuff, listening as we speak. Pretty clear quality, I like the distortion with the octave riff stuff comes in. What are you recording with? You should be vocals if you're micing guitar. Anyways, solid songs, good quality, definitely better than my first recordings
coloured lines
life in parody

confliction had potential to be my favourite, its just i swear that riff is completely out of time, and not in a good way. it sounds odd and wrong.

recording doesnt sound great. but im new to it so dont take offence.

looking forward to hearing it with vocals and drums.
Thanks for the crit!

Life in Parody: I like the intro riff. Starts to build up. At 0.58 the heavy riff kicks in. It's a ok riff, but I really miss some vocals and drums here. Cool riff at 2.03. The guitar solo sounds a bit off some times. I think that this would be a cool song with drums and vocals.

Colored Lines: Nice and slow intro. Something sounds a bit out of tune in the distortion part.

Confliction: Cool riff at the beginning! But I miss drums and vocals here too. This song has the potential to be really good.

I think that Confliction was the coolest one