I need a new cab for my tiny terror. My old one (avatar 2x12) was nice, but I had to sell it because it's too big. It could BARELY fit in my car, and I'm going to college soon and I didn't think it would fit anywhere conveniently in there. It was just a hassle and tbh I don't need a 2x12 so I had to let it go.
Now, my question is what should I get? It has to be a one speaker 16 ohm cab.
btw I don't want an Orange cabinet because they are $350 and I don't like V30's.

I know I would like an Avatar Contemporary 1x12 loaded with a Celestion G12H30 with orange tolex and a wheat grill. That would be very sexy and I know I would like it...
What do you think of the Epi Valve Jr cab? TBH I love the look of it. Even more than an orange cab. It just looks sexy as hell to me. And it runs for $100 less than the Avatar 1x12. The ONLY reason I'm even considering not buying it is because of the speaker. Eminence Lady Luck. I've never heard of it and I have no idea what it's like.
What can any of you tell me about the Eminence Lady Luck. I couldn't even find it on Eminence's homepage
Since it's designed to be used with the VJ head, I'm assuming it's a nice clean speaker though, which is good for me. I need a warm speaker that breaks up well. Would the Lady Luck do that for me?

Thanks for any help.
I forgot to say, I know I should try out the VJ cab with my head, but no local stores around me carry it. I would have to buy it from musicians friend or something

not vj cab
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i bought an empty lopoline cab, and put my own eminence speaker into it.

i spent about $150. and i like mine a lot.

the epi cab is about $130?
man that's cheap. if you hate the speaker, you can always swap it out.

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^ Yeah that's what I was thinking. I'll probably just get the avatar though. I know they make them sturdy as bricks from experience, and judging from the pics on musiciansfriend, the VJ cab looks kinda like it will fall apart. i'm hoping this cab will last for life, so i think I'll go avatar.
Thanks guys