My bud showed me them on his ipod knowing that I like that type of music a few months ago

When he showed me the song Eradication by them I got hooked.

Have any of you guys ever heared of them?
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Quote by TheMantipede
Better question is...who hasn't heard of them?

In all honesty, All Shall Perish is the most boring, over publicized metalcore band ever.
Their new album consists entirely of shredding? What are you talking about?

And in all honesty, I can think of like 10 bands that trump All Shall Perish in any field. Just a mediocre death core band to me. Like a "starter" band.
no it doesn't? ^^

ASP are one of the few bands who can sound melodic/technical and yet maintain heaviness throughout the whole song without sounding like a pile of rubbish.
True that. Ts there is already a thread in here for ASP. post in there
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