I bought this guitar off my friend the other day and it's ridiculously nice for $40
I can't figure out what kind of guitar it is, so I figured I'd ask you guys.
I did some research and came up with some terribly reviewed asseenontv brand, which I didn't think could be true.

Crappy webcam quality
if it needs to be better, I'll retake it with my actual camera.
looks like "efezan" to me. I've never heard of a company like that though
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Well, any guitar for $40 is usually a good deal. I've never heard of that brand (at least I don't think I have) but if it isn't too much trouble, take a pic of the whole thing.
esteban .. its that famous guitar guy that was trying 2 sell guitars on tv with his name on it .. i see alot of them for sale on craigslist .. your guitar is from tv .. but if u like it and its nice then who cares
Googling Esteban signature brings this up

(Invalid img)

Look familiar?

Esteban's guitars sold through QVC and HSN have been found to be difficult to play due to the high action and poor intonation. In extreme cases, owners have reported that the fretboard has become completely separated from the neck or some other defect rendering the guitar unplayable. Some HSN customers have found customer service to be lacking, finding it difficult to return the guitar. The newer Esteban American Legacy Guitar featured in TV infomercials has received generally poor reviews.

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Kinda unnecessary don't you think?

I came up basically with the same stuff as you guys
Except for that picture with the hat
I was a little stumped because 1, the guitar sounds incredible and I have no problems with it
And the logo on any sites I found didn't match the guitarra.
Maybe you lucked out and got a good one, but I've read horrible things about Estebans. HORRIBLE things. At least it was only $40! What's going on with the rosette, btw? Did a piece of inlay fall out?
i just watched him sell those yesterday on HSN. always been curious how they actually play.
Eh the corner of pickguard broke off, and part of the paint scratched around the sound whole
I was thinking about fixing the paint some how.
That all happened before I got the guitar though.
You're probably right though, I think I did luck out, because I've heard nothing good about them, but this guitar is great.

My sister even randomly walked into my room and goes
"Okay, I know I said it but it needs to be said again, that sounds beautiful"

it's not the best, but it's really good.
if I get un lazy I'll do a little recording with it, or something.