So I'm gonna see Radiohead on August 6th. The first part is Grizzly Bear, and they qualify themselves as a Indie/Acoustic/Experimental band.

I've listened some of their songs on their myspace, but I was wondering if any of you saw them live? How are they?
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I saw Rick Astley in Quebec City, on April 10th 2009. Best day of my life!
i've seen them live twice. the first time was a very intimate show and they were pretty good, but The Dirty Projectors outplayed them.

the second time was when they were opening for Feist and Broken Social Scene. they had gotten much better by that point and it was only a few months later.

i'm guessing by now they have gotten even better.
I saw them in a theater, sit-down show. It was absolutely amazing. Back then I had only heard two of their songs maybe twice, and now they're one of my favourite bands. I'm going to see them and Radiohead in Montreal, and it's looking to be the best show of my short life.
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Grizzly Bear's music is pretty good. But the remix of Horn Of Plenty album is just plain amazing.
the new songs. stunning.

can't wait. in exactly one week, to the hour, i will be seeing them for time number 3.