The tip of my middle finger has a little round indent that's been around for a weeks, like the forming callus just quit or died in that one spot. It's just weird. My ring finger's been peeling and looks like it's doing the same thing only bigger. Neither hurts when I'm playing.

Do I stop playing and wait for them to heal, or is that no fun?
that's no fun!
keep playing, your fingers will heal.
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If you go to wal mart or some other big retail outlet and to the section where they sell q-tips and other bathroom supplies you can by something called a pumice stone. It's like a little oval or rectangular airated rock that you can rub against your calluses to wear them down and basically just scratch them off. I do that because sometimes my calluses get too bothersome. works like a dream.
You have guitarists fingers. I don't think they're supposed to peel though...
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My calluses arent what they used to even though i play all the time. But it doesnt hurt when i play

Same here. Mine used to be like hard, dead, peeling skin when I played. Now they don't peel or anything they're just like solid.
And to TS, as it's been said already, don't stop if it doesn't hurt, just let your fingers grow accustomed to your playing. If it does hurt though, make sure you take a break.
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Quote by metaldud536
My calluses arent what they used to even though i play all the time. But it doesnt hurt when i play

he didn't post a pokemon reference!!