Anyone own one? Anyone got any feedback they could give me? I think I'm going to surprise my little brother with one when he graduates from high school next month.
They're really great amps, very unique high gain tone. The guitarists from Necrophagist use them I believe.

If he plays metal and likes a good clean, I'm sure he'd be pleased.
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You'd be the best older brother if you did haha, I've heard nothing but good things about them, and tons of great metal guitarists use them. What model did you have in mind?
ive heard alot of really good things about them, and i agree, you would be the best older brother EVER if you bought him one :P
Haha, thats what brothers are for and ****.

I'm thinking about going with the Powerball.

He a death metal guys. So the massive gain is definitely a priority. However, I'm curious about its low end. He plans on moving on to a seven or maybe an eight stringer. We tune down low as hell and he loves alot of bass in his tone. I'm also curious about how aggressive of a tone you can get. I'm probably over thinking it, im sure its perfect.
Thanks for the feedback everyone.
My guitar tech is a licensed dealer + repairman and every time I go to his store, I gotta play these amps. The best thing I can say about them is they sound 3 dimensional - more so than any other tube amp I've heard. Yeah, I'm saving what money I can 'cause I want one of these someday. By the time I save the cash tho they'll be higher priced because they're gaining popularity by the day.
Your brother will be pleased.