I don't usually post new songs on here but I was really excited about this one. This is still a demo...the mix isn't great and we're ultimately gonna redo the vocals. Really eager to hear feedback.

Obviously it's about helping someone through a breakup. Enjoy.

I'll Be Your Strength

I am no broken heart doctor
I only know the symptoms
I have played the breaker
And labored as the victim

Maybe there's no cure for us
Maybe we're better off giving up
Maybe our hearts just need some rest
Before they're pulled out of our chests

Whatcha gonna do
We both need this to live
Whatcha gonna do
You're not strong enough
Until then, I'll be your strength

Well I can't take away the strings that play his melody
But if you're ready, I will offer my bow
I'll take the time and learn to play in harmony
And soon his song will soften
As you let the heartache go

What we gonna do
We both need this to live
Where we gonna go
To the arms of love
Whatcha gonna do
You're not strong enough
Until then, I'll be your strength

music and lyrics copyright ©2008 horn/ruimy music
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i realllllly enjoyed this. nice and simple, that's my style. i listened to the music after i read it, and that makes it even better. i like the nice slow style, but i have to admit i like it better before the second vocalist comes in, no offense. but really i don't know of what i would change, it's great. crit one of mine? in the sig.
Very good, one thing, cut the backup vocals and the echo if that's possible. The guitar is nice and catchy. The lead singer has a really solid voice, backups aren't really needed for this song. All in all, very good overall, lots of potential behind this song
Wow, i really did enjoy listening to this song.

And yeah, i agree with those above me, the vocals don't really need a backup - and would probably do better without, but the instruments are done quite well.
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