I've been playing for awhile, but I still have trouble learning songs by ear. Does anyone have any advice on what I should listen for when I'm trying to learn something?? Any advice at all, doesn't matter what genre or style or anything.
find the key first. then it's pretty easy from there.
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find the key first. then it's pretty easy from there.

ok, makes sense
hmm, what u can try do it start with some basic chord songs nothing to fast to heavy and listen to the first note only and try replicate that by move urself up and down the fret bored until u come across the right pitch
It depend how bussy a song is.
Sometimes it's helpful to listen to the bass line. Especially if the rythem
guitar is doing riffs and not striaght chords.
yeap finding out what key it's in will help.

I listen to a solo or a song probably hundreds of times before I'll
even try to figure it out. it's also to the piont to where i can hummm the
solo.. if I can hummm it ...you can play.

I figure out one phrase at a time.

Listen to the druming patterns. The rolls leading to a crash...it will
generally tell you there's a change.... end of a phrase or a begining
of another
Identifying the beat is probably the first step. Try to get a steady and consistent count in the song. Most songs are 4/4 so try to count four even beats out. Then start learning each section, first the chorus, then verse, or bridge or whatever. Then work on identifying the pitches in the song, intervals, scales, chords, etc.