I raised him like a father would to a son
I trained him to be as strong as anyone
He was a brother to me
Blinded by darkness he could not see
Twisted by power consumed by hate he betrayed me
but never-the-less I have only myself to blame
For his failure is mine alone

Clouded by pride my judgment resides
On what should have been so clear I did not see
the man I knew once before to be so much
is nothing to me
In the blink of an eye with a turn of his blade
alone in the dark I lied betrayed
when the fury has reached the point
that theres no return
and theres nothing that can change

Now looking in I see there is no way out
No other choice in the world has been given to me
By my hands he must fall
I will severe the limbs from his torso to keep
Alive the world to save he once fought
until everything had taken a turn for the worst
now I condemn thee to the flame

the song is in my profile here

oh yeah and its about star wars
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When I first read your lyrics, I didn't really like them too much but after I listened to the song I rather enjoyed them. The song is actually pretty tight, nice recording and tight solo. I'll have to listen to some more of your stuff. Keep up the good work!