I got bored the other day and decided in honor of STP getting back together I would learn a song of theirs...So I picked Vasoline mainly because its my favorite STP song,and its freaking massively easy.All instruments are done by me.I did the drums in 1 take after listening to the song once or twice so forgive the mistakes,Mainly coming out of the chorus's.Insted of a cymbal hit and rest and threw in fills...I could'nt remember what I was supposed to do there.Guitar was done in one take save the solo...Which took me probably a half hour,My solo skills are nonexistant,But I pulled it together I think.The solo loses time very slight in one part.Bass was done today in 2 takes...One with a pick and one finger style,I kept the finger style.All parts were recorded with the Rock band mic in my hallway...

Song's in my profile,Leave me feedback and i'll do the same

--- Wes_jett2008

I also redid the bass on my In bloom cover,I used my step brothers Dean metalman bass...So check that out also.
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souds good man, tone is good, levels sound right, ur right the solo is pretty messy though, i was hoping for lyrics too which would make it that much better but whatevs, how long did it take u to make this??
Thanks both of you,The solo is crap...It took me about 30 minutes,For some reason I just cant make solo's sound good...I dont have the fingers for it I guess. The whole cover took about 2 hours.Oh and I start it like they do live...I hate how the drums fade-in in the original.
haha thanks but vocals are'nt happening atleast untill I get ahold of a vocal mic.The rockband mic sure hates my voice I think...I never can record a clean vocal with it.it's either the mic or I just plain freaking suck at singing...
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