I watched that horrible movie yesterday with my girlfriend. And I have to say I was more caught up listening to the film's score than giggling over Jim Carrey talking out of his rear. The whole score is really an African-influenced fretless electric bass clinic featuring bass as the lead instrument. Does anyone know who the bassist was who played on that out of curiosity?
This is what I found.

1. Spirits In The Material World - Pato with Sting 4:40
2. Secret Agent Man - Blues Traveller 2:16
3. Don't Change - The Goo Goo Dolls 3:41
4. Burnin' Rubber - Mr. Mirainga 3:18
5. Boll Weevil - The Presidents of the USA 3:16
6. Blur The Technicolor - White Zombie 4:09
7. Watusi Rodeo - Reverend Horton Heat 2:34
8. Here Comes The Night - Native 3:27
9. Jungle Groove - Motell Jordan 5:13
10. Ife - Angelique Kidjo 5:13
11. My Pet - Matthew Sweet 2:46
12. It's Alright - Blessid Union Of Souls 4:54
13. Ace In Africa 2:39
Total Album Time: 48:06

Not sure if it helps...
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lol the 2nd one is good just not as funny as the first.

I recall watching it, it's really mostly standard rock stuff with like, beginner's funk slap thrown in and generic african beats.
but... based on that and the soundtrack listing. I'd say Jungle groove by Motell Jordan? lol
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