i cant find any tabs on this song... oh and the live version off their release Come Dancing with the Kinks ... i could really care less about the chords, just really looking for the intro and ending solo... thx again
or if anyone knows where i can find the tab to the solo... thx
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I've been looking for the intro to the live version also. Its one of those pieces I wish would go on forever. I even checked out getting it tabbed by a pro. He wanted $160.00 for just the first two minutes. I have a lead on a guy at a local music store who might be able to do it for me. If I get it I'll definetly send it to you and post it. If you happen to come up with it please share. Thanks and good luck

$160 for two minutes?! Who the hell were you contacting?
Just get a couple of hours lesson with a guitar teacher if you're desperate to find it out and I'm sure they wouldn't mind helping.

Just listening to the link you left in the other thread. Nice intro, sounds manageable but it is quite long. I'll try and take a listen to it at some point and see if I can get you on your way.
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Thanks, That would be great if you could get me started. I'm gonna try to talk to some one at the local music store today and see how that works out.
Send email if you would like the link to hear it.