Alrighty. Its about time i get a new axe. Im currently Playing an ESP M100FM-LTD. I like to play EVERY kind of metal (Mostle like metallica and dethklok sounding stuff). It has to have an EMG 81 in the bridge and an 85 in the neck. I am currently looking at the Jackson Warrior WRMG in Black. I would like to see a decent sized picture of it in forest black. What do u guys think of this guitar? (I am a big fan of pointy guitars, Floating bridges, and EMG pickups ). Im spending about $800.00 on this next guitar.I would really like to hear from someone that actually has this guitar.Im Looking forward to play it at the local guitar center hopefully tomarrow.
How about looking into a Schecter Hellraiser? Great guitars for the price. Sounds like something you might like. Not sure about the EMGs though....

Hope this helps!
The WRMG looks pretty fugly.Why not a KE or RR?
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Funny u mentioned the hell raiser. BUt b4 that, i really hate the paint on that guitar ibanez made the xiphos u mentioned or wha not.ANd im using a Kustom Combo amp (MAde by kustom not actually "Custom").Back to the hell raiser, thats the guitar that started it all for me.Picked it up and started shrdding at the local guitar center. Gorgeuos, but om kind of sick of the whol stratstyle and les paul looking styles.
Buy a B.C. Rich. (Flameshield up)

the platinum and platinum pro series are pretty good actually. (So I heard)

Or a dean. I'm not so bright in the area of metal guitars, so scuse me if my taste isn't up to par.
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