you're kidding right?
buy something else, just to keep me from being so confused
I want Super Saiyan abilities
Nah, it will do it. it's got good cleans to work off of. metal muff will make it just fine.
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I don't know... metalmuff + SS clean is closer to Pantera, especially when top boost is engaged... in any case, seems far from the sound of Metallica.
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Quote by Sadbutrue62
What do you guys think of this amp? Can it do metal? Can I get a good metallica sound with it with my metall muff? Thanks

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You're under the illusion that a Fender Frontman 212R 100w is a good amp?

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wtf, he asked a simple question and some of you are acting like arrogant c u n t s.

just answer him and give reason, rather than a bravado of f u c king bullsh i t.