Are there any stores or businesses that will transfer a video from VHS to DVD, and about how much would that cost? Thanks in advance
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Oh dude I think my dad does this with tapes for his pop warner football team

You can do it at home,
It just takes forever

I don't know the name of the software,
but I think he used one of those VHS/DVD combo player thingies
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My dad isnt at all the smartest man with technology, but he managed to rig it up somehow with a vcr and...i think it might be a normal dvd player...or maybe its specially made to transfer anything to dvd. I"m not sure.

As for stores or businesses that would do it....nothing comes to mind.
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Any video/dvd rental store or whatever, and i think prices vary, so i wouldn't be able to help you on that one. I think stores like Blockbuster and Hollywood Movies do that.

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I dunno the program name but wal-mrt has a com. prog. that will allow you to run it through your com. via vcr and then convert to dvd with edits.