Recently I have been looking at a Kustom 35W hybrid amp. It costs $300. For that kind of money, should I find another amp at a similar price? It doesn't have that many watts, which bothers me. But the thing about it is that it the pre-amp is digital and the power amp is tube. Does this create a significant difference between the other kind of hybrid amp (which has a tube pre amp and a digital power amp)?
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It's pretty much a marketing thing, maybe it will make it slightly warmer, but not by very much if at all.
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If its the HV30 amp it does have a 12ax7 preamp tube. And can disable the effects, unlike many other hybrid amps. I guess its hybrid because of the digital effects built into it. Hybrids as most of us think are amps with a single preamp tube and SS amp. Kustom makes some nice amps. Even their old SS stuff was pretty good. I have a coupe 36 and like it alot.
You could buy a Peavey Classic 30 for that price nearly. $350 is the going price I think.
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You could buy a Peavey Classic 30 for that price nearly. $350 is the going price I think.

Listen to this man. You can get a classic 30 used for $350 and it will destroy any hybrid gimmick
Yeah there isn't as much difference between preamp tube and solid state distortion anyway - especially at higher gain levels.
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I only have $300 and I don't want to be used. I'm not really a tone Nazi (I'm probably going to run my RP2000 through it anyways). But my main concern is reliability and loudness. I may want to do some small gigs with it (nothing big), and 35W seems like a good size for small events.
Get a Carvin. Do it.
I own a hybrid...I wish I didn't...hybrids are little more than a fancy name.
I bought a little hybrid Kustom practice amp, the little 12a. It didnt cost much and for what it is sounds pretty decent. But 300 bucks is alot to pay for a hybrid amp. But its hard to get a 30 watt tube amp for that budget. And it wont have any effects. The vox is supposed to be pretty good and about 70 bucks less.
A 35 watt solid state amp isn't really gonna cut it in a live situation. I'd say 50 watts solid state or 15 watts tube are about the minimum you're need to clear the drummer.
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Could you elaborate a little more CT32?

Yessir I can. I find the tone of it strikingly unnatural...as strange as that seems as we're talking about electric instruments. I've always found it muddy and at many times, overly saturated with very little in the way of altering that.

For the about $750-800 Canadian that the head and cab of the AVT cost, you can buy one of a couple different all tube and brilliant sounding Traynors or various other tube amps.