alright i've seen alot of people when they do tapping they use one hand to hold down the notes and they bring there pick hand up to tap the note
i could never really do that so instead i learned to tap using my same hand that i normally would press down on the frets with to tap by holding down the main note with one finger then tapping with my other on the same hand
and i get more of a sound from it,

so my main question is,

would tapping with one hand be as effective as using two like other guitarists use?
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no cause i doubt u can stretch ur hand over the fret say from 2-4-17

that what tapping is used for for extra distance, what ur doing is a tactic called trill, and hammer on and pull off tapping is a whole different ball game
yeah you're just doing a trill.
Theres many things you can do with two hands on the fretboard you can't do with one, unless you have some beastly hands.
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The above posters are right but dont get discouraged what you've been practicing is very usefull its not like you learned something bad. Just try to add the pick hand tapping technique to your technique "arsenal".

If your good with that left hand only trilling or whatever its properly called (not sure myself ) then you could try some Randy Rhoads solos he did tons and tons of that stuff.