check it out on my profile.... i want to sing in it and make it a full song for me but i dont know a bit about singing original stuff so maybe someone can help? lyrics isnt a problem but i just cant fit tempo and stuff together.

all feedback welcome positive and negative but not things like "you suck balls" and things like that. thanks
you suck balls

j/k, I had to
It's pretty good for a first go. It could definitely use some simple drums here and there, and just follow the beat when you're putting in the vocals. Groove
i personally am not into acoustic,.... but i must say i liked this one... it's good.... especially if it's your first
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Hey there, I quite enjoyed it!
The only thing ... it seems like you banged your mic a couple times, try putting it somewhere where it won't be hit.

Otherwise, A+ my friend!

Crit Mine?
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