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porn killed my mother... and raped my father

hahahaha, sigged!! You sir, are a comic genius

why?? what is there to discuss?

people having insane amounts of sex.. the end.... ?
porn kills... end of story.
i*[∂/∂t]*Ψt = -[∇^2]/2*(Ψt) (unitless form)

Almost as convenient as Wikipedia, but infinitely more hipster, Dover.
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i have to admit i can't stand the whole "fail" thing but that was priceless
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porn kill my father...and raped my mother :'(

i saw that one, just for you i'll re-rate it

The greatest irony you will face is the fact that we wake up to live in a nightmare
well played sir, well played
If Canadia wasn't a real place then where would Canadians come from?

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Porn makes it easier and more enjoyable to fap, so yay for porn.

Boo for making it harder to get an erection...
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Your weak mind just cannot comprehend the intense level of awesome that Pokemon is at.
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Boo for making it harder to get an erection...

I don't have that problem at all. The only boo I can think of is lack of pr0n gives you bad premature ejaculation problems if you go without it for awhile. At least, that's what I imagine. Never actually been so lucky as to test that theory out properly......
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