Why is one of the controllers pink?
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its dodgy buyin ones off ebay cos some of em get bannned from xbox live then they sell it on ebay but seein as the seller has included pictures of it workin and connected i guess this isnt the case on this one.....go for it i guess

although they arent exactly that expensive new... or can go in a game store and get preowned, u get a guarentee with them so u got more comeback if it is ****ed up
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Why is one of the controllers pink?

Its a girl DURRRRR...

And yes...no ebay linkage.
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its probaly like 600 bucks thats why

Yea it means that the seller is not obligated (infact, I think they can't) to sell it unless the bid hits the reserve price, which you won't know either until you pass it, or the bid ends.

It's a way of attracting people with low prices, but still forcing them to pay a certain amount at least.