the intro has suck an ambience FULL sound, very eerie really akira yamaokish lol

once the heavy riff comes it sounds very powerful and that lick sound cool

obviously there will be vocals that will go over the top am i correct?

the structure is straight forward but it still sounds cool

the bass line in the clean section sound pretty sweet

is it a drum machine?

overall its a pretty cool song hope to hear more
thanks for the crit.

about vocals, whenever i write something i always have the idea of having vocals there, but i can't sing or write lyrics so i always just leave it.

The drums are EZdrummer progammed in cakewalk.
listening to it now, i like the clean intro. nice tone. heavy part kicks in nicely, like the riffs, sorta metallic feel to it which i like. its nice to hear this sort of stuff, i really like it, nice job. how do u program your drums? i just a use the drum machine and its just a steady beat which is repetative, everyone else on here seems to make there own custom drum tracks, how is that done?

by the way thanks for the crit on my song
depending on what software you have for recording you might have a midi sequencer built in. I use Sonar by cakewalk - you can programme every drum hit then run it through run it through either midi playback or software like EZdrummer.

It is time consuming but definately worth the effort.
i really liked this recording. The clean guitar had such a nice tone to it. I thought it all fit together really nice. Good job.
Thanks for the crit on mine.... a couple weeks ago.