well i think there were at least 3 members, and the drummer did most of the singing

the video was about some girl getting chased by guys and she appears to be exausted. she gives these sunglasses to a guy, and when the guy put them on, the signs and ads on buldings/billboards everywhere change, to things like "join our facilities" and stuff like that. this "facility" is a place where people get tortured and experimented on. the guy who is in possesion of the sunglasses is being spied on, and such, and when he tries to avoid the glasses and the subliminal messages, he starts getting chased

and then at the end of the vid, the guy is now being chased by men and gives the sunglasses to some other person
Why don't you post a line from the lyrics? it'll be easier to figure it out that way. plus, i'd like to see that video.
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Quoting yourself is cool.

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