So ive decided that im going to try and improve my tone without buying a new amp because i dont have the money.

I play lots of genres and here is my equipment
AMP - Randall RG 75D
Guitar - Ibanez SZ320
metal muff

I have gigged in the past and i am planning to in the future aswell what else besides buying a new ap could i do to improve my tone? I play metal and sometimes i dont get the best harmonics with my current setup im not sure why?


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Well, what's your EQ settings and stuff?
You can only ward off bad tone for so long. Eventually, you're going to need a new amp.
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you dont get the best harmonics probably because of your amp. A better amp is going to make a huge difference.
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I use a Randall RG75 but not the D model and I get the best pinch harmonics ever! Adjust your EG and try the amp on different guitars. It makes a diff. An SG is crap on a Randall but an Ibanes S series or ESP or Jackson etc is very good. And also for somreason its easier if both ur vol. pots are on full. Duno why.
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