So I went to visit the folks today and help them with some yard work. While in the yard I had my shirt off trying to get a little tan and pops walked up and told me I was losing my "youthful figure"... he then began to point out the beer gut that I have started to develop. No good. So I thought to myself I should start running or somthing to try and get back in shape and lose the beer belly. I'm 21 years old, 6 foot tall and 160 lbs. I'm a skinny little ****, but I eat constantly. Example: Today I ate 6 slices of pizza for lunch, a t- bone steak with a side of beaked beans and green beans for dinner, 2 bowls of frosted flakes for an after dinner snack, 6 large eggs with 2 slices of ham just beacuse I was hungrey, and a bowl of chocolate ice cream. This was all between the hours of 4 p.m. to 2:30 a.m. ANYWAY I was jsut wondering what I could do other then joining a gym to get back in shape and get more of a cut body. In highschool I ran track, played football, baseball, soccer, and was on the wrestling team. I want the old young body back. Enlighten me...
Alright stop eating like your about to hibernate, don't eat before bed. Run for like 30 minutes a day and do situps. it may seem like alot but 100 sit ups a day add up after a while. pushups are good do like 80 a day.

160 is sorta pathedic im 200 and 6 foot.. but i go to the gym every day.
3 meals a day, no snacks inbetween.

your better off eating 3 main good sized meals a day. then snakcing throughout the whole day.

drink water. most ppl forget the 4 glasses/bottles a day rule.
water flushes your system

runn for 30 minutes if you chose... you gotta be into it though... a lot of ppl say they run but they just walk fastly and whine for 30 minutes and dont take it seriously

do situps..set your own limit
I am 160lbs and I am like 5'9'' and I have a good body.

ANYWAY... what you need to do is to eat less, or at least eat healthy food. And run everyday like 30 mins or 2 miles. Joining a gym is good idea, you can use some weight training. And remember you can eat all what you want as long as you keep doing exercises everyday. Especially running. In your home you can do pus-ups,sit ups and squats. At least 80 push ups 200 sit ups and like 200 squats. Also you can get your self some dumbbells and weight bar and do exercises in your house. And a good well balanced diet will do it for you. You can eat less but more often if you get hungry through all the day or just have 3 but really strong and healthy meals.

Trust me. And for being 6 foot tall you are skinny you should at least weigh like 180 to 200.
Thats cool. 3 similar answers... must work.

Ummm I drink alot... and when I say drink... I didnt get this beer belly from kool aid. I'm not going to stop drinking, but I could cut down. Whiskey instead of beer? This is a serious question too. I'm not messing around.

Yes I am waaaaay to skinny for my height, age, and what not. I'd like to be 185+ but I really don't have time to go to a gym. I'm a college student and the only flexible job I've found that pays good is serving/ bartending. I don't take classes in the summer so I can save up to pay for classes during the fall. I go into work at 10:45 a.m. and leave at midnight. Monday through friday. This is going to effect what I eat. What should I do?