can recommend high-end headphones for me?
my amp (mesa/boogie f-30 112 combo) is too loud for my dorm room i get complaints all the time.
Beyerdynamic DT100s are the best ive used...quite pricy tho bout £80
sennheiser rs140, wireless ones. that's what i use
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are these the common type of headphones you use for listening to music or are they specialized for amp-practicing?
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it depends on your budget. grados might be a little too trebly. they emphisise the highs quite a bit making your guitar sound harsh.

i have a pair of akg k501 headphones. they are much more balanced but still a little brighter than perfect. oh and they are discontinued now. probably can find them on ebay tho.

sennheiser hd580 is also a good option. again, discontinued. I think the k501 would suit guitars better but the hd580s have more bass.

If you want proper high end headphones look at he beyerdynamic dt880, denon something 5000, akg k701, sennheiser hd650, grado rs1 or maybe even something made by stax (really expensive)