Well i just bought a logitech x530 from a fren of a mine...
and im having trouble setting it up..

i think only one of the plugs on my pc is working as a digital output as when i change the plugs around only 1 set of speakers are actually working..

I have 3 input sockets, blue, red and green...
and i have a feeling only the green one is working as an output...

how do i solve this problem ?

i tried going on advance on the windows sound control (the speaker icon on the bottom) but thers nothing there which changes anything to an output
your sound card probably doesn't support 5.1
green= 2 speaker
red= mic
blue = line in

so you'll probably have to buy a new sound card
(wait to do this till you get confirmation tough )
well the thing is... i thought that you could change the line in to a line out with some settings... but im not sure.. so.. any chance i dont have to buy a sound card? coz itll be a biatch rite now for me to buy one as im saving money

if it helps:
it looks like my device is:
sis 7012 wave
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what sound card do you have??? (if its one that was there when you bought your pc, you have a big chance you're screwed)
just checked my soundcard, it has one additional outsput (purple colour) for rear back
so I'd say u'll need a new soundcard
You need a new sound card that supports 5.1. Go to a computer/electronics store and buy one - you can get ok sound cards fairly cheap.

There is no way to change arrange outs/ins on your existing sound card to make it work. Just buy a new one.
Ouhh damn... isnt there like drivers or anything that can change the settings ?
its jus the one on the motherboard which is
sis 7012 wave