Contruction/Scale: Neck-thru-body / 25.5 in.
Body: Mahogany
Neck/Fretboard: Mahogany/Rosewood
Inlays: 8-ball on first fret + dots

Pickups + Electronics were taken

This was bought from a friend who put this guitar for a guitar project I was planing to do, never got around to it and doesn't look like it's going to happen at all so I'm selling it here.

The major damage: A crack through the lower body ends at the electronic cavity and it's a little less then half way deep, i've tried to picture this as best as I've could

The other damage: Bottom edges are scraped, Top edge is scraped. Some dings and dimples.

Includes a ESP LTD dave mustain V case (why did he even buy it right?) and this also fits the other LTD's Vs (I don't think they even sell one for them yet.) A fine guitar project. $175 shipped or best offer

Broken Pod XT:

the rod thingy that you plug in with a power adaptor is broken and sticking up, shouldn't be a hard fix just never had use for it so never fixed it. Note (Does not include power supply, but comes with the manual) $50 Shipped or best offer.

would you ship the DV-8 to the UK?


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For Sale/Trade:

ESP Ltd MV-200
Fallen Angel 40DSP
np shipping internationally if you're willing to cover the extra cost for it, post/pm me your post/zip/whatever uk uses and i'll give you a shipping cost.

He scammed me into paying him $916 for a JS1200, and only delivered a gutted Squier.