Thinking about buying either a Rocker 30 or AD30. The Rocker has just a clean channel with only volume and a dirty channel with gain and EQ, The AD30 is twin channel with gain, and Eq on both channels but they seem to both be setup for one lead and one rhythm channel. What I want is one clean channel and one rhythm channel for my playing but I've been told the clean channel can distort on the Rocker 30 when the amp is turned up loud. Basically the difference is £150 more for the AD30 which i can just about stretch to but I wondered, for what I want, if it was worth it in terms of quality. I need a very good clean channel as i switch between clean and dirty rhythm channels live but if the AD30 isn't setup for this then it doesn't seem worth it. My sound is sort of lower gain sound if that helps. Any comments would be appreciated.
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Well I don't know that much about Orange amps but by the sounds of it the AD30 is probably the better choice.

Doesn't Jimmy Page use the AD series these days?
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Definately the AD, then you can get more control with the eq, add gain on the clean channel, - get some nice slight distorted sounds, and it sounds alot better.
It has different tubes, and is much more versatile in my opinion.
Thanks Mulefish. I figured the AD30 probably was the better choice as I've been told the clean channel on the RK30 was more of an after thought and not excellent. Thanks for your help, I just need to try and get the money together now