What scales should I learn to play and write some thrash and other various metal?

I don't know much about keys and that sort of thing, but if you could gimme something to google or a link of what i should practise, it'd be greatly appreciated.

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Minor Harmonic and Minor Melodic I would say
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any, its not the scale but how you aply it
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Minor Harmonic and Minor Melodic I would say

i 2nd this, also major scale works sometimes, depends on chord progression though
Cheers dudes
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you realize your gonna be high, in school. I suggest bringing music
Learn really weird ones, they're the best. The weirder the name (and the more x's and y's in it) the better the scale is for metal. Otherwise you're just gonna end up sounding boring.
it depends how you song flows. I tend to start of with a minor scale like A E and B and with solos i tend to switch between melodic minor, and harmonic minor
natural minor, harmonic minor, phrygian and locrian are all good
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any scale would go on any kind of music, its all about the rhytem your playing it.
it really depands on what the song calls for, say if you want a middle eastren sounding solo you would use an harmonic minor/major or phryigian/phrigian major scales.
learn them all and learn to apply them where you want.
Blues scales can come in handy for thrash too. Listen to some older metallica (specifically from Kill Em' All), and you'll hear plenty of riffs derived from the blues scale.
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