Hey guys. Recently i had bought an Ibanez RG7620. Great guitar, really. But, the ex-owner had put in the guitar 11-60 strings (drop tunings) and 4 springs. So, when the guitar had came to me, i put 10-56 strings (for standard) and removed 1 spring. The situation is that i can't put the bridge parallel to the body, and the claw screws are screwed at all. Is the springs? 3 springs isn't enough for a 7-strings?
id say u need another spring dude. plus its second hand could of alread been dodgy. id definatly get it checked out.
Maybe this will help:
it helped me alot
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There probably isn't a huge difference between 11's in dropped tuning and 10's in standard. Bear in mind that a 6 string guitar uses 3 springs for 9's in standard tuning to hold it level, so 4 springs for an extra string AND a heavier guage sounds right to me.
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