Anyone know how they work? I know how the EXP way works but what about the ranked matches? My ranking just seems to go down no matter what. I won a match yesterday and it went up (deservingly so cos we won and i had a lot of kills) but today, i was in the teram that lost but i though it wont matter since i got MVP and had over 20 kills.............i thought i would still rank up because of this, when the match ended i found out that i had went down a skill level. So why is this? i mean surely it rewards the individual player and not basing it on the team performance. If i get MVP with a positive kill spread then i should go up in the rankings, its not my fault if the team lost.
check it, ranked matches get you father along in exp points every time you (listen to this) WIN a match. so you actually have to play ranked matches to gain exp. after a certain point. but if you lose those matches you also lose exp points. it doesn't matter if your mvp, i mean that'll work in social slayer but not ranked stuff, but easy way to rank up is playing lone wolfs since you need to be in atleast the top 3 to gain points instead of either/or matches.
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Bungie are dicks. I win about 5 matches in a row, lose 1, and go back down a level. Its stupid. But yeah yo have to win. Like all the time. Im now level 46 in team slayer and ive been hovering from 46 to 48 for about 6 months.
Well i usually just play team slayer but i think im gonna take your advice and switch to lone wolves - at least if i go down its my own fault and i dont have to rely on other people.
Well, in team matches, teamwork is needed so it's the fault of the individual players if they don't work together enough, not implying that you didn't.

To my knowledge though skill level is based on wins/losses, I haven't ever actually noticed mine going down.
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